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As I mentioned here and here, my father is in town this week, and I wanted him to enjoy all that is the Ozarks.  Therefore when I jokingly mentioned to him that Conway Locally Grown had Ozark emu eggs for sale for $12.50 each and he said something like, “That sounds neat!  I’d like to try that,” I ordered it.  I know; there is nothing frugal about a $12.50 egg, but since it’s probably the only emu egg I’ll ever eat and since we had company, I think it was a fabulous idea!That’s the emu egg on the right.  A big brown chicken egg (looking washed out because of the exposure) is on the left.  Isn’t the emu egg color gorgeous?

Today we decided to eat the egg for breakfast.  I suggested fried, but my husband and father seemed to think it would be difficult to flip the egg properly for “over easy.”  I agreed to scrambling.Man, that was a really tough egg to crack!  That’s a 4-cup measuring cup behind it.  The emu egg equaled almost 2 cups of egg–about 8 chicken eggs.

Look at the size of the yolk!  Yes, I broke it as I was cracking the eggs, but it was getting scrambled anyway.And here is my trusty 1930s egg beater, complete with worn red paint.  I could tell how rich the egg was by how much effort it took to beat it.  Look at how golden the yolk is!Yes, that is a large cast-iron frying pan–and one emu egg.  And a vintage spatula, with worn red paint to match the egg beater.  Frugal in this case is taking the old egg beater and spatula from your grandparents that no one else wanted because the utensils were “old.”  That’s vintage.  On their way to becoming antique. But back to the emu egg.

Mmmmmmm.  Scrambled emu egg.

We discussed its quality over breakfast, which also included scones and turkey canadian bacon.   The emu egg, we all thought, reminded us of the richness of other larger bird eggs, like duck and geese eggs.  The emu egg coated the tongue, comforting like chicken eggs yet with an unctuous quality that made me want to use the word unctuous.  Will I buy one again?  probably not, but it certainly was worth it to try it once.  And if you ever get the chance to eat a good emu egg, go for it!

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