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Tonight we’re feasting on sweet roasted root vegetables, beet greens, and roasted chicken breast.  Except for the chicken, goat cheese, and olive oil, the meal is coming from our garden, a harvest of root vegetables that got a head start over the winter and are now yielding Yum! Whether you’re feasting on fresh root vegetables from your garden, a spring-opening farmers market, Community Supported Agriculture, or a veg box, roasted root vegetables that are really fresh are a wonderful treat that may make the whole family like beets and turnips.

I roasted the vegetables in a cast iron fry pan, covered with a cast iron lid, at about 400 degrees F for about 45 minutes.  I included leek slices, beet wedges, radishes slices, carrot chunks, and turnip wedges.  I roasted the vegetables simply, with olive oil, salt, and a little dried oregano.

I slathered red pepper relish (red peppers, vinegar, sugar, salt) on our chicken breast (briefly brined) and then baked and sliced it after it rested.  Even though the breast was boneless and skinless, the relish helped it retain moisture.  The breast was really juicy.

I braised the beet greens in a little oil and then added a little of the chicken cooking liquid.  Finally I sprinkled on the goat cheese.

The sweetness and savoriness of the red pepper relish and  the vegetables balanced with the tanginess of the goat cheese made for a delicious meal.

Beware any woody vegetables.  Roasting will not make them better.  If you can’t easily cut through the veggies when they’re raw, they are woody.  Discard them.  Feed them to your farm animals or your compost pile.  They’ll appreciate them.  And, yes, I learned this the hard way.

What are you favorite preparation for root vegetables?  What sort of seasoning do you like to use?

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Today I headed out of town in the midst of warm, humid weather.  I could tell as soon as I stepped outside that the skies were readying for storms.  At this time of year, storms are both blessing and trouble.  Here I am, half way across the country, and I see a big spot of red on the radar over my home county.  I hope that the warm air heats the ground and the rain soaks into the seeds that I planted the past two weekends (peas and lots of lettuces and other greens and turnips and so forth) but that the storms prove to be less threatening in person than they looked from afar.

(Signing off not from the Ozarks but from Phoenix.)

Update:  A tornado did in fact destroy a home in Pearson, Arkansas, last night.  It was the red and hot pink I saw when I checked the radar from Phoenix.  My thoughts are with that family tonight.  Word is that Arkansas may be on its way to be tornado alley again, thanks to a combination of moist air and a shift in the jet stream.

Update 2:

Apparently one man died last night and three family members were seriously injured in Pearson.  My heart remains with that family and the families in Center Hill and Benton who lost their homes last night.

(Signing off from Portland, Oregon)

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Sunday night we had a big salad with dinner, but we also had an appetizer of grits crackers followed by buffalo shrimp and turnips with greens and red pepper relish.  Dessert was blueberry cheesecake.  Only one of these recipes will be showing up here soon:  the grits crackers.  You see, we ate everything tonight, and we thought it was pretty tasty, but it was not company worthy.  I’m not sure the grits crackers are either, but they’re getting there.  I thought you might appreciate knowing how recipes are born on the homestead.  Today I’ll address the less-than-company-worth dishes.  I’ll talk about the grits crackers later this week.

I like buffalo chicken wings but not the fat, so I set out to make buffalo shrimp.  I marinaded the shrimp in tabasco and lime juice and dredged it in a mix of corn starch and whole wheat flour before I fried them in a wok.  The texture was great, if I do say so myself, but we didn’t think the shrimp had enough heat–that is, enough spice to call them “buffalo.”  So, knowing what I did this time, I’ll add to the heat next time.

The turnips were a white Japanese turnip out of our cold frames, and the only thing really wrong was that I got them too soft.  The greens were tasty, but we really did not have enough.  They cook down so much that you really need “a mess” of them to start.  By the way, I would recommend the pepper relish with the turnips again.  But, alas, these were not blog worthy.

The cheesecake was also tasty, but I was planning a small version (like my mini-pound cakes), and my proportions were wrong.  I’ll happily go back to the drawing board.  We’ll keep eating the results until I get it right–I promise!

Anyway, eventually I’ll rework the recipes until I’ve got the best flavor and texture, and then I’ll share my recipes with you while we sit on the porch and sip tea.

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