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A dying garden can be depressing, but it can also hold the seeds of your future, literally.  This spring I let some red winter kale go to seed and then gathered the spiky seed pods to keep through the summer.  I scattered them on the ground a couple of weeks ago, and now I have a profusion of free red kale seedlings, which we should be eating within a month or two.

I also gathered seed pods from garlic chives.  I’ve sprouted some to add to salads.  Others I’ll keep to start a new garlic chive bed and to give away to friends for their own gardens.

Here is a cabbage that decided to grow entirely of its own accord.

And, voila!,  borage plants, all volunteers, with amaranth seeds, awaiting spring.

A volunteer cilantro plant awaits a Mexican or Vietnamese dish.

And here my husband collects flower seeds.

We even had dozens of volunteer tomato plants produce this year before frost hit.  Your garden  can give you so much, if you just give it a little time to show its offerings!

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