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The heat finally broke here yesterday, and we’ll only see temperatures in the high 90s this week.  Only in the high 90s–I can’t believe I wrote that.  Given that we still don’t want to heat up the house any more than we have to, I’m going to talk ever so briefly today about how I bake and roast in the summer without baking and roasting us.  I use our convection toaster oven.  You can get a decent one as cheaply as $34 (yes, I priced one the other day just to be sure), and you can get fancier ones that will do a bit more for well under $100.  Actually, I use my toaster oven more than my regular oven all the time.  It takes less time to pre-heat and less energy to stay heated.  Most of the recipes you see on this site will fit in a decent-sized toaster.  If I’m making a pizza in the summer, I make sure it will fit in the toaster.  If I want muffins, I make a half dozen, so I can use the toaster.  Need cookies?  Use the toaster oven.

Now I’m going back to enjoying this beautiful morning, with temperatures around 73 degrees F.

Do you use your toaster oven a lot?  If so, what do you bake in it?

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