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I told you in my previous post that we almost never do “supper in a bag,” as my mother-in-law calls it.  Today, though, we did picnic lunch in a bag.  We went to KFC.  Yep, you read that right.  Neither my husband nor I had had KFC in years (I think it was still Kentucky FRIED Chicken then), but my mother-in-law wanted it, so we got it for a picnic at a park about an hour from here.  The chicken was okay–not great, with those fishy undertones I’ve come to associate with mass-produced chicken–and the cole slaw was a bit sweeter than I like but still fine.  The biscuit was sort of tasteless and a bit gummy, with a flavor like wallpaper paste (which isn’t surprising, considering that wallpaper paste is also made from white flour).  What blew me away was the “butter” and “honey,” to which my husband said, “yes, thanks” when the clerk offered it.

The clerk put a pile of “butter” and “honey” in our bag.  Too bad all of them ended up in the trash.  The “honey” was labeled “honey sauce” and actually had never seen a bee but instead was made of high fructose corn syrup, sugar, and caramel coloring.  That was it.  The “butter” had never seen a cow either; it was labeled “buttery spread,” and, despite KFC’s bold statement on its web site that it uses no transfats, two out of four of the first ingredients (which I had to really hunt for and found on another blogger’s site) are transfats.  The other two of those first four ingredients are water and salt.  Everything else is a chemical except for beta carotene and Vitamin B.  And finding ingredients on KFC’s web site for everything else was impossible, because the “ingredient statement” had no link and just the cryptic note in parentheses “currently being updated, check back soon.”  I wish I’d packed a homemade picnic instead.  I will next time.

An old Yiddish expression is, “Don’t pee on my back and call it rain.”  I’m sorry to be crass in quoting it, but it seems so apt in this case.  Don’t give me high fructose corn syrup and call it honey, KFC.  Don’t give me hydrogenated, chemically treated oils and call them butter.

Are you and your family watching ingredient lists more carefully?  What processed foods have surprised you recently with their ingredients?  (I wrote about a few of the ones that surprised me in “Overeating Processed Foods?  Look for These Key Ingredients.”)

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