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One of the things I like best about gardening is being able to harvest fresh vegetables and herbs for our meals as we eat them.  This morning I made one of our simple favorites, sage-butter scrambled eggs.  We like sage derby cheese in eggs, but we just don’t need that much cheese.  These eggs get us the sage flavor.

For each egg you’ll need

  • a thin pat of butter
  • a little splash of olive oil
  • 1 clean, fresh sage leaf, cut in half lengthwise and then finely chiffonaded (cut into tiny ribbons) across the leaves
  • 1 egg, beaten, with a tiny splash of water for fluffiness

Put the butter and olive oil in a cast iron fry pan (the right size for your number of eggs) over medium-high heat.  (We use three eggs for two people if we’re not having any other protein at breakfast, so I use an 8-inch pan.) Melt the butter, then turn back the heat and add in the sage.  Let the sage start to cook in the butter and olive oil a bit.  Turn the heat back up briefly and add the eggs.  After about thirty seconds, you may be able to turn off the heat and let the residual heat in the pan finish cooking the eggs as you scramble them around the pan.  Serve and enjoy.

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