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Enchiladas: I need help

We like spicy food–hence why I had several dozen pepper plants this year.  We like the flavors of Mexican food.  We both make pretty darn good fajitas.  We make decent burritos.  We do just fine with prepared taco shells.  My enchiladas are embarrassing.

Until recently, I have to confess that I did my best to create enchiladas without ever have seen the process of making them by an expert. My husband told me that the solution to my rolling issues was to make them like in New Mexico, stacked and not rolled.  Then I watched the new chef from Mexico on the Food Network making enchiladas. She dipped the tortilla in sauce to get it to roll better.  I thought:  ah ha!  I see what my enchiladas have been missing.  Tonight I generously spread my home-canned tomatillo sauce (again, my own recipe) on both sides of my lovely allegedly authentic corn tortillas and stacked them to keep them moist as I filled and rolled.  Even as I placed them in the casserole dish, they cracked.  Again.  And in the end they were both too moist and too dry.

So, internet surfers with a world of expertise, please help my enchiladas.  What’s your favorite authentic enchilada recipe?  What do you do in the process?  Do you have a sauce recipe that works well?  We don’t eat red meat but can adapt beef and pork recipes to our dietary limitations, if you can help me figure out the rest of the process.

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