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One of the reasons I hear from people about why they don’t like cast iron is that they prefer a non-stick surface.  A well-seasoned cast iron pan can actually do a better job of cooking products (and releasing them when it’s time for you to eat) than a standard non-stick pan.  Non-stick pans are also made with toxic substances that get released into your food and thus you when the pans get too hot or when they get scratched.  Give me a good cast iron pan any day!  They add iron to your food instead of petroleum products.

Today I’m using a medium-sized cast iron frying pan that I bought at a yard sale in Wisconsin in the 1990s.  I was yard saling with a friend, and after I gave up the first cast iron pan we found that day–priced at one dollar–, he said the next would be mine.  Sure enough, at the next place, there was this pathetic pan, a little rusty but overall just fine.  It was priced at ten cents.  I felt a little guilty buying it.  I’m pretty sure I cooked a few things for my friend in it over the years.  Anyway, it’s that ten cent pan you see here.

Let’s look at some cast iron basics:  frying an egg.  Begin  by getting your well-seasoned pan hot, and then add a little oil and a little butter.  No, I’m not talking lots of it.  If you use a good oil spray you can go with a few squirts.  Cast iron that’s been well cared for really doesn’t take any more oil than non-stick pans.  Crack your egg and drop it in the pan.Gather up the white that’s shifted to the edges and continue cooking until the white is mostly set.  

For sunny side up, reduce heat and cook until the yellow is set to your taste.  For over easy, flip (it’ll do so just as easily as if you had teflon), cook for a minute or two more, and serve.

No, this isn’t rocket science, folks.  It’s just making healthier choices for your family, one frying pan at a time.

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