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Late this morning I was wandering through the kitchen when I saw the twin yearling deer wandering into the yard, no doubt looking for our green grass.  I’m accustomed to seeing them early in the morning and as dusk comes, so their appearance close to midday caught me by surprise.  I reached for my camera and slowly opened the back door, speaking to them softly to let them know I was there. I sat cross legged on the porch and snapped photographs, first of one and then of the other.  I can’t help but notice that they no longer appear to be joined at the hip.  Look above; one is grazing behind the grapevine (upper left of the photograph), while the other is close to me.  Of course, they still stand together often, but not nose to nose like I’ve seem them so often before.Are they getting more alert about me?  I don’t think so.  I know soon I should start driving them away, teach them to fear people, but it’s so nice when they come to visit that I have a hard time doing it.  For now, I justify speaking softly to them by telling myself I’ll share a little of their world with you.

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