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DSCN1690Today I took a partial bushel basket of rosemary, sage, oregano, and sweet basil to trade at the market.  I got in exchange a large, ripe cantaloupe and a quart basket each of small yellow squash and medium and small cucumbers.  We’ve got lots of our own fresh tomatoes, chile peppers, and onions, so I’ll be making gazpacho this week.  I’ll post my recipe (or as close to a recipe as I ever come!) after I make the gazpacho. 

The great thing about market bartering is that we go farmer to farm stand with as little between the producer and consumer as possible.  We know we might be able to get a better price for our herbs per ounce if we went big, but that prospect also would most likely not be sustainable.  This way works just fine for us.  And as I understand it, since we have no net gain from the exchange, the transaction should incur no tax liability.  On the other hand, if the farm stand sells the herbs at considerable profit, then the farm stand might incur tax liability.

Please let me know in the comments section if you do market bartering with your produce, eggs, etc. or if you barter services for homegrown produce.

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